About Us

Revolution Salon offers a revolutionary approach to hair and skin care. Stylists and consumers have been exposed to unsafe ingredients for too long. Many hair care products have organic ingredients but also have parabens and other known carcinogens. If you put organic ingredients in poison, is it safer? No! 

Many stylists and consumers are completely unaware of what they've been using. Unfortunately, there are no regulations on the cosmetics industry or on what companies call "natural" or "organic." We want YOU to be able to decide what's best for your hair and your health. That's why we have researched safe, effective products and offer them at Revolution Salon.

To learn more about what you're using, visit www.safecosmetics.org or www.cosmeticsdatabase.com

Revolution Salon • 116 S. Main St. • Elkhart, IN  46516 • 574.296.1493

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